BORA BORA. A name that in itself already refers to the words: "Tropical Paradise", without even needing to go into more details. But let me tell you that what we were not prepared for was all this intensity of BLUE!! The story of a place where almost all our affective memories are about colors 💙


The first thing we had to understand (to believe our own eyes) is about how this archipelago of so many little islands lost in the immensity of the Pacific Ocean works. The French Polynesia is a group of 118 islands scattered in an area larger than the whole of Europe (can not even imagine that. Just WOW). Known as "Tahiti and her islands", this last lost paradise is basically composed of atolls and volcanic islands.

Yep, let's go back in time to that 5th grade geography class, and remember that an atoll is an oceanic island surrounded by a ring-shaped coral structure that holds a lagoon at the center of it all. Full of sand banks, this happens in a place where before there was a volcano and has a biological formation (instead a rocky formation, like many of the islands we know ;)

— "But why do I need to know that?!?!?!?!"

Because we simply can not explain about this blue paradise without knowing that Bora Bora is an 'almost' atoll. And it is exactly this unique characteristic that makes this place more than special S2


We took our first inter-island flight out of Tahiti bound for Bora Bora. It lasted almost 1h and every single second flying, over some of the other islands of the archipelago, was SURREAL. I think it only starts to 'come to reality' that it is not a dream when you change perspective and see everything from above, from the air.

Without ANY fear of sounding cliché, I'll tell you it was THE BEST FLIGHT OF OUR LIVES! Being a flight attendant or a pilot of Air Tahiti has already joined our list of 'dream jobs' for sure.

We bought an air pass that you can fly to several islands with a single ticket (and of course, the price is much better than book everything separately), so you can imagine that we were already very anxious for the next flight to come. But when we landed in Bora Bora, the heart began to beat faster and the eyes flashing, surpassing that thin line in which a dream collides with reality.

First let me say that here the landing is on a Motu. The airport is not on the central part of the island, but on one of those 'sand banks' that surrounds the island. WOW. W - O - W!!! One simple word never carried as many emotions as this one right now.


And now lets get serious! When we took the boat and headed towards the heart of the island, once again the blues stole the scene. It seems that we could FEEL the depth of each point passing by just by seeing the change of the blue colors there.

We arrived already looking forward to get our fins and fall into the water. And the anxiety of running to dive was replaced by an instant happiness when we met the owners of the Fare we stayed in. We booked on Airbnb a local house and without a single doubt it was an IMMEDIATE CONNECTION with these people (who have already gained special place in our heart).

(Vaihere e Teava ♥)

What a wonderful vibe! I think they captivated us with this Tahitian style of being, with the simplicity of a smile and the energy of a hug. We felt just part of the family, you know?! As if we had known each other for a long time and been visiting them for a couple of days :) An unforgettable experience that was certainly one of the highlights of our entire trip.

We like this exchange so much, to share those moments when understanding the dynamics is the greatest thing you can bring with you. It is to give a little too, to tell a bit of your history and to know more about theirs. And in this case we discover a great passion in common: the Tahitian ukulele.

(look, if you enjoy this kind of experience exchange, the French Polynesia is the perfect place to make it happen. Sharing houses, rooms, bungalows and even sailboats are on the Airbnb list. Here is a discount to help other travelers too: www.airbnb.com/c/projectd7 - with $30 off ;)


It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. But honestly, NO picture could ever translate the intensity of all this blue convergence that happens in this place. Try to explain by referring to the blue scale that goes from the Pantone 2198 U palette to the 2372 XGC - check it on google - or say a simple "an ocean so blue as the sky" does not give even a little sense of the emotion that was discovering new colors.

Much less the excitement of diving in and seeing yourself immersed, where all you feel around you are colors.

A world of blue ALIVE. Where the color blends into coral gardens and this more-than-incredible marine life. So characteristic that it is part of the pulsating culture of the people on the island.

In the lagoons, reefs and deep in the sea (or near the bottom of the ocean, considering that the depth reaches 1,000m just over the reef) several migratory species and schools of different sharks, rays, turtles, napoleons, dolphins and an infinite number of colorful fish transform this experience into something larger than life.


The goal here is to go out looking for different dive spots around the island, and in different ways! : D

By boat, sailboat, kayak or go on by swimming from the shore. We brought the fins with us every time, even when we were out exploring the island by bike.

It was an addiction in the best sense of the word. The sea, the lagoon and the sky, and the sensation we had was that there was a parallel reality, perhaps because of the way all this by the time has already become eternal in our memory.

Getting lost here in the blue for us it was in fact a way to find a greater connection with nature, the earth, with that feeling and vibration of Mana. An island in the South Pacific that could easily be a piece of heaven, and not just 'cause of the heavenly-blue-color that reigns, but for all it represents.

Gratitude, universe!





We are Laion and Madu, a brazilian couple passionate about travel, photography, surfing and fridge magnets. In 2015, inspired by this incredible world, we decided to embark on a journey and we want to share experiences to awaken the adventurous spirit that exists within each one of us.