Explore. A world of new experiences, discoveries and, yes, lots of rediscovering too! To immerse yourself in new cultures, sense new smells, taste different flavors, dream about adventures yet to come and see things through a new perspective. Nothing stirs the imagination more than the feeling of 'the discover', and that's exactly what inspires us!

We are Laion and Madu, a brazilian-based couple who decided to explore this incredible world and transform each step into the best experience of our lives. Laion is a filmmaker and photographer, Madu is an engineer, and we are both from Alagoas, Brazil. It all started with a dream that came true, and we will share our journey with you.

In 2015 we lived in São Paulo and decided to make the first of many changes: move back home (a.k.a Maceió, Alagoas). But we must confess that we also had another dream on our list: to explore this amazing-wonder-world. And that's when we decided to jump in the greatest adventure of liveeeees!

It seems like everything happened so fast, you know?! We left Brazil with a one-way ticket to South Africa, and a return one from Hong Kong, and the whole journey we made along the way. Can't even describe how intense and fulfilling it all was.

We met extraordinary people, untouched cultures and incredible places, worthy to be in a fairy tale. We tried exotic foods (some really weird ones haha), new words, new habits, new homes and we discovered a new spirituality in us.


There is not enough fingers in my hands for the number of different forms of transportation we discovered, nor the number of enriching experiences we had.

But the first thing we always get asked is: "Did you have hardtimes?" Yes, we had many! There were countries that we could not get into, nasty taxi drivers, night with no place to sleep, real strange food, lots of flat tires, accident with our bus, and countless 'scams' attempts.


But all of this only made us realize that together we were able to overcome all the problems that crossed our path, and we came back even stronger!

Actually, do you know what really made it all worth? Was the number of smiles we received (and gave too), in places that the only way to communicate was EXACTLY THAT! Was also about friendship, and the friends that we made along the journey and that we're going to carry with us for the rest of our lives.

It was to develop the ability to reconnect with ourselves and realize that what really matters in life is what you live.

Know that every moment we shared was unique, but certainly unforgettable!! A journey between wonders of the world and sunrises, with a thousand adventures along the way.


From paradise places to the most inhospitable ones, going from the most beautiful seabed we have ever seen to one of the highest places on earth, and monuments that made us lose our breath.

To get lost out there in the world is to allow yourself to be part of your own anthropological experience, after all, immersing yourself in such different cultures has to be 'heads first', right?


Let yourself eat like them, attend to rituals, parties, fairs, debate religion or just go to the market made us realize that even 'so different' we are 'so alike'.

When this part of our journey was over, do you know what we realized? That it was just getting started! Today we live in a tropical paradise in northeast Brazil and our heart lives all over the world.

We are on a never ending pursuit for new discoveries, adventures, paradises and fridge magnets 

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Photography is a passion! Check out the complete portfolio with the jobs and photography works of our expeditions for prints, fine art, photographs and complete filmography


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